Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Special service for international customers
Easy payment in card currency
Attractive commissions for merchants

What does DCC mean?

With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) you offer a convenient service to your international customers:
They have the option to pay directly in their respective home currency. This makes your customers feel at home with you!

DCC Simply explained

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DCC - Ertragsplus
Additional income

Attractive commissions allow you to earn money on every single DCC transaction.

DCC - Serviceplus
Service for your customers

You gain access to new high-paying business and international customers.

DCC - Vielzahl Währungen
Numerous currencies

Benefit from our wide range of up to 49 different currencies.

Benefits for your customers

  • Better cost control through payment in known home currency
  • Security and confidence through familiar payment method
  • Competitive through daily updated exchange rate
  • No subsequent conversion fees
  • Conversion fee already included in the exchange rate
  • Simplified expense reporting for business travelers


If payment is made with a Visa or Mastercard credit card and the card currency is one of the currencies we support, the DCC option is desplayed on the terminal.



Dynamic Currency Conversion is a service provided at our terminals and means that conversion into your customers' home currency can take place immediately and at the current exchange rate.

A device with DCC function recognizes the currency of the credit card used and offers DCC automatically. Your customers can then choose for themselves on the screen whether they want to pay directly in their home currency using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) or in the local currency without DCC.

For you and your staff, this means that payment transactions remain as simple as ever. And thanks to settlement in the desired merchant currency, there is also no additional work for your accounting department.

What is the difference between a DCC transaction and a local currency transaction?


Card/foreign currency payment
  • Instant conversion with daily updated exchange rate through our in-house solution 
  • Conversion fee for cardholder is already included
  • Cardholder knows exactly what amount will be debited at the time of payment
  • Merchant gets additional revenue through the conversion fee
Local merchant currency payment
  • Conversion takes place a few business days later by the card-issuing bank
  • Conversion fee is additionally deducted from the account
  • Final price in home currency is unknown at the time of the transaction
  • Credit card issuer earns money on the conversion

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