Automated creation and dispatching of invoices and credit memos

The Invoicing module of the PAYONE platform creates and dispatches your invoices and credit documents for you. The seamless integration with other modules of the PAYONE platform provides you with a customised overall solution for automating your payment processes that perfectly meets your particular requirements. This allows you to focus on your core business and have full transparency of all operations.

Payment with integrated invoicing

Regardless of whether a customer pays by credit card, renews a subscription or whether you have to refund a partial amount in a purchase process – the Invoicing module of the PAYONE Platform automatically generates invoices or credit receipts for all business transactions.

Localised design following your specifications

All documents are generated according to your individual design specifications. Language and content can be localised easily to meet the requirements in different countries. In addition, the documents can be fed with customised contents for each transaction.

Automatic dispatching by e-mail or conventional mail

Invoices and credit notes are dispatched to the customer either as a PDF file attached to an e-mail message or by conventional mail. You can use the flexible interfaces of the PAYONE Platform to upload the documents to your e-commerce platform and allow your customers to access and download them from there.

Centralised data management and full transparency

The PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) of the PAYONE Platform allows you to access all generated documents including the associated receivables items and payment transactions at any time.

Perfectly integrated

The Invoicing module is perfectly integrated with the other modules and integrates seamlessly into the PAYONE Platform. Therefore, even complex tasks such as generating individual proofs of use can be realised using the Billing module with little effort.

Payment with automated invoicing

The Invoicing module can automatically generate and dispatch all your invoices. An individual document is generated from all items for each receivable based on previously defined invoice templates and send out to the customer by e-mail or conventional mail. Credit memos are generated and dispatched the same way. The Invoicing module thus becomes the logical add-on to the PAYONE Platform to automate all payment processes. Learn more about the PAYONE Platform.

All the details for your customers

When transferring a receivable to the PAYONE Platform all individual items can be transferred with the corresponding item number, quantity, description, performance period, price and VAT rate. These items are automatically used as items on the invoice or credit memo.

All features at a glance

Automatic transfer of all invoice and credit memo items

When receivables or credit memos are transferred to the PAYONE Platform, these will contain all individual items with item number, quantity, description, performance period, price and VAT rate. Invoice items and billing periods may also be automatically extracted from the Contract and Billing modules. All these items are automatically used for itemisation on invoices or credit memos and ensure easy orientation for you and your customers.

Selecting the desired dispatching method

Invoices or credit memos can be automatically dispatched to the consumer as a PDF in an e-mail attachment, as plain text within an e-mail or by conventional mail. Generated documents are handed over to our Lettershop on a daily basis.

Freely customisable design

Choose one of our default templates or ask PAYONE to create a custom template for your credit memos and invoices. There are fields on the default templates to enter all relevant data as well as your company logo in a predefined format. In addition, you have the option to let our experts create customised templates that exactly meet your requirements regarding layout, design and content. When customising individual templates, you can group individual items on an invoice and display them as one item, or create a separate list for the individual items.


All documents can be generated in various languages?and customised for each language.

Archiving and centralised access

All generated documents can be archived revision-safe centrally and securely on the PAYONE Platform or with external service providers. All documents can be downloaded from the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) and the interfaces of the PAYONE Platform.

Digital signature

As an option, all documents that are dispatched to the consumer via e-mail can be provided with a digital signature and archived.

Centralised administration and full transparency

Use the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) for full access to all generated invoices and credit memos at all times. Within the documents you can directly access all transaction-related data such as payment processes, master and payment data of the customers or dunning procedures.


The PAYONE Platform provides flexible APIs for controlling all transactions. One example is the possibility to grant your customers access to all invoices that PAYONE dispatched to them via the customer area on your website and allow them to download the documents. Learn more about the interfaces of the PAYONE Platform.

Complete automation of all payment processes with the PAYONE Platform

The Invoicing module is perfectly integrated with the other modules of the PAYONE Platform. Thus, invoice and credit documents as well as billing periods can be retrieved automatically from the Contract and Billing modules. The Accounting module automatically detects chargebacks and unpaid invoices and transmits that information to the Collect module for the receivables management. Learn more about the modules of the PAYONE Platform.

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