Billing subscriptions, managing recurring payments

Whether subscription-based billing, commerce subscription or payment by instalments – business models with recurring payments require excellent processes that perfectly interact with payment. The Contract module of the PAYONE Platform provides you with a comprehensive contract and subscription management facilities for the efficient and flexible billing of recurring payments. All payments are handled in a fully automated process according to your individual specifications. This allows you to outsource these processes entirely to the PAYONE Platform. Even complex and multi-level models can be mapped easily using individual terms, prices and notice periods.

Fully automated payment for recurring payments

When using recurring billing, automation is the key to avoid high process costs. The Contract module is perfectly integrated with the comprehensive functions of the PAYONE Platform to completely eliminate any manual processes.

Individual cycles, terms and prices

Choose from any combination you can think of: Simply define how often, how much and how long you are billing a customer and whether subscriptions renew automatically. The Contract module completely adapts to your needs for handling subscriptions – fully automated and fully customisable at all times.

No restrictions on marketing due to multi-level models

Use the Contract module to create multi-level subscription models, for example for promotional campaigns. Choose to offer your services free of charge or for a reduced fee during a freely adaptable time period. After the trial period, your new customers will be transferred to a subsequent model. To reduce divergence losses, this whole process is fully automated.

Termination and discontinuation management

The Contract module automatically handles terminations at the end of the contract period. It also supports more complex scenarios such as a temporary discontinuation of subscriptions during the contract period. You can choose to represent such interruptions as payment delays, for example, and let the interrupted period be added to the term of the contract.

Centralised management via the PAYONE Merchant Interface

The PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) offers full transparency of all your offers and transactions. Create new subscriptions whenever needed, or change existing offers. You will find everything at a glance, from master and payment data to any customer document ever sent out via the PAYONE Platform. 

Overview of functions

The Contract module provides fully automated processes to handle all types of recurring payments and subscriptions (contracts). Amendments to existing contracts and all operations are reported in real-time server-to-server to your systems to ensure that all data is always up to date. You can create and edit your contract templates including terms, items and prices via the web-based PAYONE Merchant Interface. The comprehensive interfaces of the PAYONE Platform allow you to review and amend each individual contract at any time. State-of-the-art technologies and certifications according to industry standards ensure maximum security, performance and availability. Learn more about the PAYONE Platform.

All features at a glance

The Contract module provides comprehensive features and flexible configuration options to automatically and efficiently map even the most complex models:

Automated management and execution of recurring payments

After a customer's contract was created in the system, the corresponding payment processes and any associated performance processes are initiated automatically through the other enabled modules of the PAYONE Platform.

Multi-level models with different intervals and pricing

Contracts can have several levels. For example, you can offer a free and shorter test period as an initial term. After the initial term has elapsed, the repeat period is applied and automatically extended until the contract is terminated. Duration and pricing for the initial term and the repeat periods can be individually and separately managed for each created contract.

Automatic event handling

For events such as payment defaults there are different actions that can be performed automatically. A contract may be terminated, blocked from free renewal, or the payment method can be changed to open invoice, for example. The interruption period can be credited automatically to the contract duration. You also have the option to block contracts manually or via an interface at any point in time.

Payment methods and changing the payment method

Credit card, direct debit and invoice are preferred payment methods for contracts and subscriptions, since the customer does not need to personally confirm recurring transactions when the contract is renewed. The preferred payment method of a customer is stored in the master data of the customer. This can of course be changed at any time.

Updating or terminating a contract

The PAYONE Platform uses the terms that are originally stored for a contract for handling the payments until the contract is modified or terminated. After termination, the contract or subscription will be continued automatically for the pre-booked and paid period, but not renewed beyond this.

Synchronising the contract status with your systems

Any changes to a contract, including changes automatically executed by the PAYONE Platform, are automatically reported to the systems of the contractual partners to allow them to react to the changes effected (e.g. subscription renewal or termination).

Web-based management via the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI)

There are no restrictions to the design of contract templates. The number of offers, the terms, prices, items and billing cycles solely depend on your business model. In addition, these settings can be changed in the PAYONE Merchant Interface at any time.

Centralised administration and full transparency

Use the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) for full access to all your offers. You also have the option to optimise and edit all settings according to your needs.

Interfaces and integration

The PAYONE Platform provides flexible APIs for controlling all transactions. Learn more about the interfaces of the PAYONE Platform.

Complete automation of all payment processes with the PAYONE Platform

If you do not only offer subscriptions and recurring services, but also allow individual purchases, you have the option to summarise these purchases in one invoice and send them to your customers collectively using the Billing module. The PAYONE Platform uses the Accounting module to book receivables to the accounts receivable account in regular intervals. Depending on the payment method and the transaction type, it would then initiate the authorisation or reservation of the amount. If you have selected to use the Invoicing module, the platform can then automatically generate an invoice and dispatch it to your customer. The Collection module can automatically handle the recovery of overdue receivables.

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Billing module

Capture individual purchases and subscriptions within a specified time frame and collate these periodically recorded items for billing purposes. Learn more.