Automated receivables management, automate dunning and encashment

Targeted receivables management is a key success factor in a successful payment strategy. Chargebacks and invoices that are not paid on time will limit your liquidity and often incur high costs. In order to ensure the collection success and to keep other costs as low as possible, overdue receivables must be processed in a swift and efficient manner. The Collect module of the PAYONE Platform provides all debt management processes for you – up to encashment.

Payment with integrated receivables management

If a customer misses to pay an invoice on time or if there is a chargeback, the Collect module is automatically activated and handles the receivables management for you – from the first dunning notice to encashment.

Automated dispatching of dunning letters by e-mail or conventional mail

All dunning letters are generated according to your individual design specifications and can be dispatched to the customer either by e-mail or by conventional mail. You can set the dispatch method individually for each dunning level.

Highly customisable dunning processes

Our extensive configuration options ensure optimal collection rates. You can choose between variable tolerance limits and dunning deadlines or select individual texts, which can be freely customised per dunning level, for example.

Standardised encashment interfaces

Our standardised encashment interfaces allow an automatic transfer to collection agencies if you fail to collect your receivables within your own dunning process. Since the system receives a feedback when a case is closed by the agency, the information on all transactions is always up to date.

Everything at a glance

The PAYONE Merchant Interface PMI) and the comprehensive interfaces of the PAYONE Platform allow you to review and edit all dunning procedures of all debtors at all times.

Full control over all processes

You can use dunning blocks or dunning and collection proposal lists to keep full control and to interact in all processes.

Integrated receivables management with debt collection transfer

The Collect module provides you with an automated commercial dunning process as well as the transfer of cases to encashment to recover overdue receivables. In the event of a chargeback or an invoice that was not paid for on time, the Collect module automatically initiates all subsequent processes. It is possible to individually configure the parameters in the dunning process. It is possible to customise the parameters in the dunning process according to your requirements. State-of-the-art technologies and certifications according to industry standards ensure maximum security, performance and availability. Learn more about the PAYONE Platform.

All features at a glance

The Collect module offers a wide range of services with extensive configuration options to implement your receivables management strategy:

Automatic initiation of the commercial dunning process for overdue receivables

Overdue receivables, e.g. from chargebacks or receivables that have not been paid by their due date, automatically trigger the Collect module and initiate the dunning process in accordance with your individual specifications.

Flexible dunning levels with individual deadlines and fees

Configure your dunning process according to your needs. You can define up to 4 dunning levels. The time between one dunning level and the next can be defined freely for each level. You can also define fees for each dunning level, which will be automatically posted as a receivable by the Accounting module when the dunning level is reached. The applied fee is included in the dunning process.

Tolerance levels for dunning thresholds

You can define a tolerance limit for each dunning level at which the dunning procedure is abandoned. If, for example, there are a few cents balance between the transferred and the invoiced amount or a dunning charge was not remitted, you can decide to waive further dunning procedures.

Dunning blocks

You can use dunning blocks to interrupt the dunning process for individual clients at any time. The block may be cancelled at any time to continue the dunning procedure.

Dunning and collection proposal lists

Should you wish to control the dunning procedure or debt collection transfer in a fully automated process, you can opt to pause the process before these steps are executed. In this case your explicit authorisation is required for initiating the dunning procedure or transferring the receivable to the collection agency. You can choose to exercise this authorisation manually via the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) or automatically using the comprehensive interfaces of the PAYONE Platform.

Automatic termination of the dunning procedure upon balancing the outstanding amount

The Accounting module automatically detects when a receivable is paid in full and terminates the dunning procedure automatically.

Dispatching of dunning letters by e-mail or conventional mail

The desired dispatch method can be defined independently for each dunning level. The automatically generated dunning letter can be dispatched to your customers as a PDF attachment to an e-mail, as plain-text in an e-mail or by conventional mail. Generated documents are dispatched on a daily basis.

Freely customisable design

Choose one of our default templates or ask PAYONE to create custom templates for your dunning letters. There are fields on the default templates to enter all relevant data as well as your company logo in a predefined format. In addition, you have the option to let our experts create customised templates that exactly meet your requirements regarding layout, design and content.

Collective dunning letters

The Collect module always tries to combine all dunning procedures of one consumer. Should there be several outstanding requests for one consumer within a dunning procedure, the corresponding notice will list and sum up all receivables, so that the consumer does not receive several individual dunning letters at short intervals (i.e., if two receivables pass to a higher dunning level on the same day, the module will only send one notice for both dunning procedures). Each combined dunning procedure will still be processed individually and pass to the corresponding preconfigured dunning levels when it is due.


All dunning letters can be generated in various languages?and customised for each language.

Standardised interfaces to external collection agencies

Should the dunning procedure be unsuccessful, the receivable can be automatically transferred to a collection agency. To facilitate this, the PAYONE Platform disposes of standard interfaces to various collection service providers. Data is transferred fully automatically on a daily basis. Should you receive payments after the case was transferred to a collection agency, this will automatically be reported to the respective agency. When a collection agency closes a case, this will automatically be booked in the Accounting module.

Centralised overview and full transparency

Use the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) for full access to all dunning procedures and letters including the associated payment processes, receipts and customer data. You also have the option to optimise and edit all settings according to your needs. This allows you to keep a clear overview of all transactions. Learn more about the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI).

Interfaces and integration

The PAYONE Platform provides flexible APIs for controlling all transactions. Learn more about the interfaces of the PAYONE Platform.

Complete automation of all payment processes with the PAYONE Platform

The Invoicing module is perfectly integrated with the other modules of the PAYONE Platform. Learn more about the modules of the PAYONE Platform.

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