Modular. Flexible. Scalable. Your complete freedom in online payment.

As a Software-as-a-service solution, PAYONE's payment platform can be adapted to any particular requirement you could think of and whenever you need it:

  • Ready to use and without local installation of any programs, thanks to the employed software-as-a-service technology.
  • Maximum cost efficiency, because you only pay for what you use.
  • Uncompromising security that is continually monitored by independent external auditors
  • Flexible configuration options and modular extensions to adapt to your individual requirements
  • Maximum performance and unrestricted scalability – regardless of whether you handle a thousand or a million transactions
  • A consistent technological foundation for all payment methods and processes that grows with your needs
  • Guaranteed availability thanks to solid service level agreements
  • Ongoing development – as a customer you automatically benefit from all new features and functions
  • Open interfaces and ready-made extensions for all leading e-commerce systems


The platform is operated as a SaaS solution, meaning you can do without cumbersome installation and updating processes – without compromising on scalability and security.

This reduces your costs for hardware and software, IT management and maintenance, while you benefit from the immediate availability and usability of all components. All you need to monitor and control your payment processes is a standard web browser.

Accessibility is always guaranteed: The complete system architecture of the PAYONE Platform is operated in high-availability data centres with multiple redundancy.


For the most direct connection between your system and the PAYONE Platform you can use our enterprise level interfaces.

With the various types of interfaces provided, we can guarantee a tailored-made implementation of all your  requirements. Whether you just wish to forego your own PCI DSS certification or want to control all payment processes in real time – our interfaces are your reliable portal to modern online payment. Learn more about the flexible interfaces of the PAYONE Platform.

PAYONE Merchant Interface

The PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI) allows you as a merchant and your authorised staff to change settings and to view customer data any time you wish.

An authorisation system ensures that every employee can only view and edit the data required to exercise his or her task. The PAYONE Platform also records which login was used for editing a particular data set. This information can only be reviewed with the corresponding user rights. This ensures maximum security-related transparency within the client's company as well. Learn more about the PAYONE Merchant Interface (PMI).

Uncompromising security

As a payment service provider handling comprehensive integrated payment processes for merchants, PAYONE has to administer the most sensitive data.

When dealing with customer data such as credit card numbers and bank details there can only be one guiding principle for all data processing operations: Consistent security. The very moment that credit card information are processed, stored or transmitted, there is an obligation to completely comply with a complex set of security requirements established by the credit card industry and standardised in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard abbreviated as PCI DSS. This standard is the foundation of all business activities at PAYONE, irrespective of whether credit card information is processed or not.

PAYONE applies the highest safety standards for all web-based services, interfaces and the underlying platform. SSL technology (secure sockets layer) and other encryption methods are applied for all data transmission and processing procedures of sensitive payment data. In addition, all credit card details stored by PAYONE are always encrypted. The customer's sensitive payment data is never disclosed to any third party during any of the process steps. You as a merchant and your staff can only see the most sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, in a masked format.

PAYONE data centres

The complete system architecture of the PAYONE Platform is operated in high-availability data centres.

Active and passive network components such as switches, firewalls and load balancers, as well as network connections and the power supply are designed redundantly. PAYONE runs multiple servers and database systems in real-time parallel operation as a highest availability solution with permanently, reliably available backup systems.

The PAYONE Platform and all its components are scalable from end to end, allowing to enhance the performance capacity of all systems at any point in time at short notice. Independent, multiple fibre connections to the data centres with redundant routing using modern multiplex methods for data transfer guarantee efficient and extensible connectivity.

External certification

PAYONE undergoes a comprehensive security audit and certification routine according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) at the highest level 1 every year.

This ensures that PAYONE complies with the most stringent safety requirements of the credit card industry. This standard is used in all areas of business and characterises the entire PAYONE Platform.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard includes more than 200 safety requirements for the safe handling, storage and transmission of data. The standard combines the security policies of all major credit card companies and is mandatory for all companies that process, store or transmit credit card data. Learn more about PCI DSS and how you can use the PAYONE Platform to do without your own certification.

Service level agreement

By default, PAYONE provides all customers with a service level agreements (SLA) with a fixed service quality level for the PAYONE Platform.

This comprises binding definitions of fixed quality criteria for reaction times, response times and guaranteed availability.

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