Your PAYONE integration. You can use a web-based HTTP interface to integrate the PAYONE Platform in your online offer – customised and secure. Various  so called interfaces allow integrating the platform into existing IT environments and connecting it to your IT systems. Take advantage of our expertise and make use of our range of services.

Your direct line to PAYONE

Take the time to choose the right service provider. Because you are only ready for e-commerce after you have gathered all the details. We are there for you, because we know that comprehensive advice with regard to your mix of payment types and on the back-office processes that go along with that are the foundation for successful e-commerce.

Your requirements – Your (test) account

Don't waste any more time, test PAYONE today. The first thing we will do is to sit down and discuss the  requirements and needs of your online offer before we use this information to create your merchant account. You can test the system without any commitment before you get started for real. Once your test account is set up, you will receive your login credentials and all information required to get started.

Only order for what you really need

After your first tests and an in-depth consultation with your personal contact you can begin and place a binding order with PAYONE that meets your requirements. The merchant account is fully scalable and can be adapted to your changing requirements at any time.

The fundamental basis – the right connection

It is then up to you to decide on the best way to integrate the PAYONE Platform into your IT landscape. Our consulting team will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information and advice during the project planning phase. Rely on professionals when it comes to selecting the right type of integration. Of course, our technical support team will assist you with any integration related issues.

Functionality check & your business gets started

After completing the integration process, you should use the test mode for a functionality check before going live with your online offer. Benefit from this test phase to fine tune the integration and check the individual modules. Once you have tested the drive unit of your online offer effectively, you are ready to start up the engine and drive your business on the road to success.

Request a quote now

We would be happy to provide an individual offer that fits your needs.

Success in e-commerce

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your e-commerce project with a flexible service offer that adapts to your business model and who allows you to spend more time on your core business by automating all payment processes? Use the modular payment platform for your business.

Professional services

We will be happy to develop tailor-made solutions for your e-commerce project with you. You can count on our support during all phases of the project to provide you with a truly customised solution.