paydirekt is the bank and savings bank direct online payment method. paydirekt allows customers in your online shop to pay simply and securely from their current account without entering their account details. Merchants benefit not least from the payment guarantee and a high conversion rate thanks to great customer benefits.

Huge customer potential
paydirekt is the online payment method operated by German banks and savings banks with over 50 million web-enabled current accounts. Customers of the banks or savings banks consciously choose to join paydirekt by registering actively for the service when logged in to online banking for an authorised current account.

Payment guarantee
Each confirmed transaction means a guaranteed payment to the merchant's account. Not to mention customer satisfaction, as products can be shipped immediately after sale.

Easy integration
paydirekt can be integrated into online shops quickly and easily with PAYONE. You can use our flexible interfaces or PAYONE Payment Extensions for all leading shop systems for easy paydirekt activation.

paydirekt was developed by the German banks and savings banks to meet tough security and quality criteria. paydirekt simplifies online payment whilst complying with financial institutions' established security standards. paydirekt meets the requirements of German data protection law, which is considered amongst the strictest in the world.

Payment process

A buyer who selects the payment option "paydirekt" at the checkout is redirected to the paydirekt website, where they log on with their user name and password. Once authentication is complete, the buyer is shown the sum to be authorised. In line with the merchant system used, payment is generally authorised as soon as the buyer confirms the sum, and the buyer is then directed back to the shop.

The customer account is charged as soon as the sum is authorised and the payment process completed, and the merchant receives a payment guarantee for the completed transaction.

Reservation and collection

Reservation checks the existence of the buyer account. The merchant does not receive a payment guarantee until the sum is subsequently booked. Alternatively, partial sums can be booked until the sum originally authorised is reached.


Refunds or partial refunds of sums paid through paydirekt are paid in part or in full to the customer's account.

For merchants

To offer paydirekt as a payment method, merchants simply need to bank with one of the participating banks or savings banks, accept the conditions of use and complete and return the necessary forms.

For buyers

To register for paydirekt, all buyers need is a current account with a participating bank, an online banking login and an e-mail address.

Participating banks

Standardised processes for all payment methods

Each payment method has its own logic and supports various different transactions. The higher the number of payment methods offered, the larger the number of processes and distinctive features you need to consider. The PAYONE Platform is designed to take care of this complexity. Our platform offers consistent, perfectly harmonised processes across all payment methods. One of the benefits for you as a merchant is the simple integration via an interface which allows you to implement new features with little effort. Learn more about our Integration options or request a quote now.

Dynamic payment method control

The higher the number of payment methods offered to your customers, the higher the conversion rate. Studies clearly demonstrate that customers tend to cancel the payment process if they are not offered their preferred payment method. Should there be any risk indicators or doubts about a customer's capacity to pay, however, it is indispensable to restrict this customer's choice to secure payment methods only. Ideally, this type of preselection is carried out in the background based on intelligent sets of rules which are tailored to your particular business and can be adapted at any time. The Protect module of the PAYONE Platform provides an integrated risk management system and a variety of checks to efficiently minimise payment defaults and fraud. Learn more about the Protect module or request a quote now.

Efficient fraud prevention

The ProtectEngine of the Protect module on the PAYONE Platform provides you with extensive range of options to detect fraud patterns and avoid payment defaults. Comprehensive checks are used to analyse the information available during a payment process in real-time. Editable sets of rules allow to customise and combine all fraud prevention checks as required. If a risk indicator or a fraud pattern is detected during a check, the transaction in question may be either rejected or subjected to a follow-up check to further limit the risk potential. Learn more about the Protect module or request a quote now.

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