RatePAY gives the possibility to offer consumers popular payment methods under their own name. That increases the conversion rate and, as a result, the turn over. Retailer additionally benefit from the guaranteed pay-out, because RatePAY assumes the risk of non-payments.


Offer popular payment methods and ensure thus a high conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

  • Purchase on invoice
  • Payment in instalments
  • Electronic direct debiting


  • Attractive payment methods
  • Guaranteed payment und liquidity
  • Fast risk assessment without postident process
  • Zero-Percent loans capable


More information available at www.ratepay.com

All payment methods for successful e-commerce from a single source

Offer your customers the perfect payment mix and increase conversion and sales of your online shop. Choose our payment solution and stop worrying about internationalisation, automation, optimisation and security. Our platform offers consistent, perfectly harmonised processes for accepting all payment methods – both nationally and internationally.

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