The payment method online transfer has multiple advantages for merchants. Secure receipt of payment and payment guarantees allow you to provide your service immediately after the order is placed, which in turn results in increased customer satisfaction. PAYONE is your single source for all relevant national payment methods: giropay, SOFORT Banking, eps, PostFinance E-Finance, iDEAL and Przelewy24.

SOFORT Banking

Sofort (Europe)

Allow more than 45 million customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK to pay for your products and services in a convenient and secure way. Learn more about Sofort.


giropay (Germany)

giropay allows your customers to use the trusted online banking system of their bank to pay online. More than 1,500 German banks and savings banks are affiliated to the giropay system and provide participating merchants with a payment guarantee.

eps – electronic payment standard

eps – electronic payment standard (Austria)

In Austria, the online transfer method electronic payment standard (eps) has become a popular solution that allows more than three million Austrians to securely pay through their online banking system.

PostFinance E-Finance

PostFinance E-Finance (Switzerland)

PostFinance E-Finance is the online transfer system of the Swiss postal services. Enable more than one million Swiss customers to pay through their online banking system PostFinance E-Finance.


iDEAL (Netherlands)

The online transfer method iDEAL provided by the Dutch banks is very popular among the Dutch. Today, almost every second e-commerce payment in the Netherlands is effected using iDEAL.



Przelewy24 is a payment method that allows payments through online bank transfer in cooperation with more than 30 banks in Poland. More than 80% of all online customers in Poland use Przelewy24, making it Poland's most popular online payment method.


Payment process via online transfer

In contrast to traditional transfers, payments via online transfer are executed without media discontinuity and completed during the checkout process within your online offering. The customer is not required to take any further steps and you as a merchant can send the goods or provide your services immediately. The PAYONE Platform uses a uniform process for handling all types of payment via online transfers irrespective of the selected method. This means that you do not need to worry about complex integration processes or the particularities of the various methods. Highest security standards and state-of-the-art technologies ensure maximum security, performance and availability.

Selecting the handling of payments

You can choose to process all payments via a sub-account at your principal bank or via the PAYONE Collection Service under a factoring model.

Transactional operations for every type of business transaction

The PAYONE Platform supports all transaction operations that are provided by the respective online transfer system. Most systems are built on the online banking system of the respective bank. This usually means that the consumer's account can only be charged directly at the time the consumer executes the payment (authorisation). There is generally no support for reserving the amount to be paid and booking the reserved amount subsequently, as available for other payment methods. In addition, most often the paid amount cannot be refunded in case the purchased goods are returned for example.

The mail-order business is particularly prone to returns. For you as a merchant this means that you would have to refund a portion or the entire amount of the underlying order. It is also possible that you realise that an item of a particular order is no longer available after the consumer has effected an online transfer to pay for it.

The Accounting model of the PAYONE Platform provides solutions for these challenges and facilitates an automated mapping of all business transactions: Overpaid receivables can be returned automatically to the consumer via bank transferred. In addition, the Accounting module detects if the online transfer system confirms the successful execution of a transaction while the amount has not been received on the merchant's account. This will enable you to make use of your payment guarantee (if agreed) or to stop the shipment of the goods provided they have not already been sent. Learn more about the Accounting module.

Risk of chargebacks and fraud

As this is a customer-initiated transfer, just as a traditional offline transfer, the payment may not be readily withdrawn. In addition, some online transfer systems provide payment guarantees. This reduces payment defaults to a minimum and allows you to ship your order or to render the ordered services immediately, without waiting for the receipt of payment.


The PAYONE Platform supports virtually all leading international currencies. The only prerequisite is that the currency is also supported by the respective online transfer system.

More options

Use the entire range of PAYONE Platform services for processing online transfers.

Connection & integration

For connecting to existing e-commerce systems, the PAYONE Platform is equipped with comprehensive interfaces. You can use BS PAYONE's standardised extensions for an easy integration to leading shop and ERP systems.

Optimised accounting

The Accounting module within the PAYONE Platform seamlessly monitors all payment movements and posts them automatically in the debtor management for your accounting. Received payments and collective credits are automatically assigned to the open items. In order to do this, the system collects and processes settlement files such as bank statements or EPA files (Electronic Payment Advice) for credit card payments. This guarantees an automatic detection of chargebacks which can then be processed according to your individual specifications. Learn more about the Accounting module or request a quote now.

Automatic returning and credit procedure

Returns are an inevitable part of the mail-order business and require sophisticated credit procedures – after all, your clients expect their money back quickly and without any inconveniences. But not all online transfer methods can handle this type of process which may cause complex and costly manual processing. The Accounting module of the PAYONE Platform allows you to conduct refunds and remittances, even if the online transfer method does not provide this service. To do this, the Accounting module automatically extracts the consumer's account number from the transfer that was received. Funds can also be returned to a different account without any problems. The PAYONE bankaccount check offers an extra security layer by checking the account details and by proactively signalling potentially problematic accounts. This service is available for a large number of countries.  Learn more about the Accounting module or request a quote now.

Make actual use of a payment guarantee

A key advantage of online transfers is the payment security. Some methods offer an additional guarantee of payment. It may happen that the online transfer system confirms the successful execution of a transaction, even though the amount has not been received on the merchant's account. The Accounting module of the PAYONE Platform offers comprehensive monitoring of all receivables and payment movements. If a receipt of payment is missing, this will surely be identified quickly. This allows you to make use of your payment guarantees and protect yourself against unnecessary payment defaults. Learn more about the Accounting module or request a quote now.

Standardised processes for all payment methods

Each payment method has its own logic and supports various different transactions. The higher the number of payment methods offered, the larger the number of processes and distinctive features you need to consider. The PAYONE Platform is designed to take care of this complexity. Our platform offers consistent, perfectly harmonised processes across all payment methods. One of the benefits for you as a merchant is the simple integration via an interface which allows you to implement new features with little effort. Learn more about our Integration options or request a quote now.

Dynamic payment method control

The higher the number of payment methods offered to your customers, the higher the conversion rate. Studies clearly demonstrate that customers tend to cancel the payment process if they are not offered their preferred payment method. Should there be any risk indicators or doubts about a customer's capacity to pay, however, it is indispensable to restrict this customer's choice to secure payment methods only. Ideally, this type of preselection is carried out in the background based on intelligent sets of rules which are tailored to your particular business and which can be adapted at any time. The Protect module of the PAYONE Platform provides an integrated risk management system and a variety of checks to efficiently minimise payment defaults and fraud. Learn more about the Protect module or request a quote now.

Couldn't find the right solution?

You did not find the right solution? Then use our professional services to let us know what your challenges are. Our consultants can draw from the know-how and best practice solutions acquired during many years of experience in a variety of client projects. We will be happy to advise you and to find the right solution for your project.

More and more internet users rely on online banking for their banking needs, which is why payment by online transfer on the Internet is getting more and more popular. In the business-to-consumer trade the online transfer is a particularly attractive alternative to traditional prepayment modules and offers compelling advantages to both merchant and consumer. Using an online transfer for payments based on the online banking system of the customer is quick, easy and safe. The designation "online transfer" encompasses a variety of different national online transfer methods. While the online transfer systems giropay and sofortbanking dominate the German market, other systems, such as electronic payment standard (eps) in Austria, PostFinance E-Finance in Switzerland, iDEAL in the Netherlands ans Przelewy24 in Poland play a leading role in the respective countries.


  • Number of potential users: more than 45 million online banking customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands
  • Payment guarantee: no
  • Transactions: 2 million per month (as of December 2012)
  • Acceptance points: 25,000 online shops
  • Supported credit institutions (consumer): a multitude of German, Austrian, Swiss and Dutch banks



  • Number of potential users: about 28 million German online banking users (as of July 2012)
  • Payment guarantee: yes (up to 10,000 €)
  • Transactions: about 5.8 million (2010)
  • Acceptance points: 30,000 acceptance points and 900 directly affiliated online shops
  • Supported credit institutions (consumer): Postbank, almost all savings banks (Sparkasse) and cooperative banks (Volks- und Raiffeisenbank), a number of PSD banks and other private banks (e.g. DKB, comdirect Bank, Ready Bank, Cronbank, MLP Bank)


electronic payment standard (eps)

  • Number of potential users: about 3 million online banking customers in Austria
  • Payment guarantee: possible
  • Acceptance points: 1,000 online shops
  • Supported credit institutions: Bankhaus Spängler, Bank Austria, Raiffeisen banks, Erste Bank, Volksbank, BAWAG, Österreichische Apothekerbank, HYPO, Schoellerbank AG, Schelhammer & Schatterna AG


PostFinance E-Finance

  • Number of potential users: about 1 million PostFinance E-Finance users
  • Payment guarantee: yes
  • Supported credit institutions: PostFinance (more than 3 million accounts, 60% of all transactions in Switzerland)



  • Number of potential users: 10 million online banking customers in the Netherlands
  • Payment guarantee: no
  • Transactions: 11.2 million per month (as of November 2012)
  • Acceptance points: 70,000 (2013)
  • Supported credit institutions: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, Regions Bank, SNS Bank, Triodos Ban, Van Lanschot



  • Number of potential users: 95% of the Polish online banking customers are reached by Przelewy24.
  • Payment guarantee: Yes 
  • Supported credit institutions: Cooperation with more than 30 banks
  • Accepted at approx. 8,000 online shops




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