Purchasing on invoice is considered the most popular and the safest payment method in e-commerce and allows merchants to attract new customers and to improve their conversion rates. Klarna assumes the entire risk of non-payment and fraud which translates into a 100% payment guarantee for you as a merchant. You will always receive the entire invoiced amount, regardless if a customer pays his or her bill.

Offering Klarna's solution for purchases on invoice has several benefits:

More sales and new customers

  • Purchasing on invoice is the single most popular and safest payment method
  • Fewer abandoned sales and higher conversion rates due to a customer-friendly payment method
  • Increased sales due to a common payment method in seven European countries
  • High rate of accepted customers

Minimal administrative efforts

  • All customer inquiries are handled directly by Klarna
  • Klarna assumes the entire risk and receivables management
  • Klarna facilitates the creation and dispatching of invoices for the merchant

No risk

  • Klarna assumes the entire risk of non-payment on an international scale
  • Risk of fraud is covered by Klarna by 100%
  • Merchants receive their payments on a weekly basis, which makes their cash flow more predictable

All payment methods for successful e-commerce from a single source

Offer your customers the perfect payment mix and increase conversion and sales of your online shop. Choose our payment solution and stop worrying about internationalisation, automation, optimisation and security. Our platform offers consistent, perfectly harmonised processes for accepting all payment methods – both nationally and internationally.

About Klarna

  • Klarna is the European market leader in online purchasing on invoice
  • More than 80 million transactions and 18,000 affiliated shops
  • Solution offered in 7 countries
  • Some 100,000 transactions are processed per day
  • The transaction volume in 2012 amounted to more than 1.8 billion Euro
  • European banking license issued by the SFSA (complies with the regulations of the German financial supervisory authority BaFin)
  • Authorised Trusted Shops, EHI partner for certified shops, and payment system tested by the German certification agency TÜV, Preferred Business Partner of the association "bvh e.V."

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To us as merchants, offering our customers to purchase our goods on invoice always meant an elevated risk in terms of fraud and payment defaults. Klarna now provides us with an international payment guarantee promising to pay all outstanding amounts under all circumstances. This helped us to grow our customers average shopping cart value, to improve the acceptance rate and to raise the conversion rate.

Erik Heinelt, Managing director Tirendo