Offering credit cards in an online shop: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club

With several billion card holders, the credit card is the world's most widely used payment method for cashless payment transactions. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB or Diners Club – the PAYONE Platform allows you to handle credit card payments, including the additional security layers MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa (3-D Secure).

Accepted all over the world

Accept all relevant credit cards worldwide and boost your sales by allowing billions of card holders to pay for your products and services in an easy and convenient way.

3-D Secure

Global bank connections

The PAYONE Platform has a wide variety of certified connections to banks and credit card companies offering you full flexibility at all times.

Credit card acceptance

Acceptance agreements from a single source

All bank contracts required for accepting credit card payments can be obtained directly from PAYONE as a full-service solution. We take care of all formalities. In cooperation with our partner banks we offer you all required contracts.

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Security with 3-D Secure

The 3-D Secure security procedures Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode guard yourself effectively against fraud and chargebacks.


No PCI DSS certification required

Avoid the costly certification according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) by using PAYONE's certified  data storage.

Credit card payment process

The PAYONE Platform processes payments by credit or debit card within a few milliseconds in a fully automated manner. Highest security standards and state-of-the-art technologies ensure maximum security, performance and availability.

Transactional operations for every type of business transaction

The PAYONE Platform supports all relevant transaction operations and provides these across all payment methods (booking, reservation collection, partial collection, recurring payment, refund, cancellation, chargeback).

Protection against chargebacks and fraud

Cardholders have the option to charge back debited amounts on their cardholder account. With 3-D Secure and the Protect module, the PAYONE Platform offers comprehensive security mechanisms to guard you against chargebacks and fraud.


The PAYONE Platform supports virtually all leading international currencies. The only prerequisite is that the currency is also supported by the respective credit card company.

More options

The PAYONE Platform offers you further proven options for processing credit or debit card payments:

3-D Secure: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

The security procedures „Verified by Visa“ and „MasterCard SecureCode“ help to guard yourself against fraud and chargebacks. Your advantage as a merchant is the so-called liability shift. Learn more about 3-D Secure.

Address verification service (AVS)

The address verification service (AVS) performs a check in the course of a transaction, to see whether the submitted customer information (name, address) correspond with the data that the card holder registered with the issuer. If the data do not match, this may be an indication of a fraudulent transaction. In this event, the transaction should be reviewed with particular attention or the customer should be offered an alternative payment method which provides more safety for you as a merchant in order to minimise the risk of chargebacks. The address verification service (AVS) is currently supported for American Express cards.

SecureCard Storage

To avoid the costly certification according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), you have the simple and secure option to store card information on the certified PAYONE Platform while the transaction is processed. The real card number is replaced by a tokenised card number (tokenisation). The tokenised card number has the same structure as the real card number which allows you to process the payment in your systems without requiring PCI DSS certification. Learn more about PCI DSS.

Dynamic Transaction Reference

By default, the information that is printed on the credit card statement of the card holder is static. In e-commerce, these are the amount, the shop URL as well as the city in which your company is located. Dynamic Transaction Reference allows you to transfer individual texts such as a customer-specific order number for each transaction. This will be included on the card statement.

Pseudo card number (pseudo card pan)

Processing and storing credit card numbers is regulated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and is only allowed after acquiring a corresponding certification. PAYONE can store your costumers' credit card numbers on your behalf and issue a unique pseudo card number for the stored data whose structure is similar to that of a real credit card number. This way, you can manage your customer data without acquiring certification. When the same pseudo card number is used again and sent to the PAYONE Platform, the original credit card number that is stored with PAYONE will be assigned and used for processing the payment.

Use the entire range of PAYONE Platform services for processing credit card payments.

Connection & integration

For connecting to existing e-commerce systems, the PAYONE Platform is equipped with comprehensive interfaces. You can use PAYONE's standardised extensions for an easy connection with leading shop and enterprise resource planning systems.

Optimised accounting

The Accounting module within the PAYONE Platform seamlessly monitors all payment movements and posts them automatically in the debtor management for your accounting. Collective credits are automatically assigned to the open items. In order to do this, the system collects and processes settlement files such as bank statements or EPA files (Electronic Payment Advice) for credit card payments. This guarantees an automatic detection of chargebacks which can then be processed according to your individual specifications. Learn more about the Accounting module or request a quote now.

Detection & allocation of chargebacks

Banks charge high fees for chargebacks resulting in significant costs to the merchant. In addition, they may require substantial manual intervention. The Accounting module can automatically detect return debit notes and allocate them to the corresponding payment process. The original receivable is reopened and the fees for the return debit note are directly applied. Customers refusing to pay can be blacklisted until further notice and the Collect module can automatically issue dunning notices for overdue receivables. Learn more about the Accounting module or request a quote now.

Seamless checkout process

Let your customers enjoy maximum comfort during checkout and see your conversion rates grow. The Client API of the PAYONE Platform provides you with a unique integration option for your checkout process: Thanks to our state-of-the-art Ajax technology, the customer is not redirected to any other site at any point in time. For you as a merchant, this means that you can act without a cost-intensive certification according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Learn more about the Client API or request a quote now.

One-click checkout

Design your checkout like Amazon or Apple, and let your regular customers pay without re-entering their payment data for each purchase. When using our Client API, sensitive payment data are stored in the background on the certified PAYONE Platform. Once a customer has made a purchase on your site and entered his or her payment data, they can simply re-select this information for all subsequent purchase processes and pay without any inconveniences. As a merchant you benefit in two ways: You can grow your conversion rate and act without the cost-intensive certification according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Learn more about the Client API or request a quote now.

Intelligent 3-D Secure control

For you as a merchant, the liability shift in the 3-D Secure procedure Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode provides special protection against chargebacks and fraud. At the same time, card holders whose cards are registered and activated for 3-D Secure are more likely to cancel their purchase, resulting in lower conversion rates for you. The ProtectEngine of the Protect module on the PAYONE Platform allows you to define intelligent sets of rules to apply the 3-D Secure procedures selectively based on specific risk indicators, fraud patterns or other features. Learn more about the Protect module or request a quote now.

Efficient fraud prevention

The ProtectEngine of the Protect module on the PAYONE Platform provides you with extensive range of options to detect fraud patterns and avoid payment defaults. Comprehensive checks are used to analyse the information available during a payment process in real-time. Editable sets of rules allow to customise and combine all fraud prevention checks as required. If a risk indicator or a fraud pattern is detected during a check, the transaction in question may be either rejected or subjected to a follow-up check to further limit the risk potential. Learn more about the Protect module or request a quote now.

Aggregated micropayments

Billing of small amounts is often a big challenge for online traders. The smaller the billed amounts, the higher the percentage of the costs for handling the payment. If there is a series of payment transactions within a short period of time, the merchant is even more likely to incur high charges through chargeback fees. In this scenario, you are confronted with complex requirements because your customers expect correct and transparent processes at all times. The Billing module of the PAYONE Platform provides you with the business logics to aggregate micropayments and bill them collectively. Learn more about the Billing module or request a quote now.

Administration of subscriptions

The Contract module of the PAYONE Platform provides you with a comprehensive contract and subscription management. Payments are handled in a fully automated process according to your individual specifications. This allows you to outsource these processes entirely to the PAYONE Platform. Even complex and multi-level models can be mapped easily using individual terms, prices and notice periods. Learn more about the Contract module or request a quote now.

Automatic returning and credit procedure

Returns are an inevitable part of the mail-order business and require sophisticated credit procedures – after all, your clients expect their money back quickly and without any inconveniences. However, not all payment methods offer the option to refund payments. There are also a number of special characteristics of the payment types which need to be taken into consideration: What is the procedure, if the customer's credit card has expired in the meantime and your efforts to refund the amount fail? The Accounting module provides solutions for these challenges and allows you to refund payments by bank transfer for all payment methods. Across the whole of Europe and fully automated. Learn more about the Accounting module or request a quote now.

Dynamic payment method control

The higher the number of payment methods offered to your customers, the higher the conversion rate. Studies clearly demonstrate that customers tend to cancel the payment process if they are not offered their preferred payment method. Should there be any risk indicators or doubts about a customer's capacity to pay, however, it is indispensable to restrict this customer's choice to secure payment methods only. Ideally, this type of preselection is carried out in the background based on intelligent sets of rules which are tailored to your particular business and which can be adapted at any time. The Protect module of the PAYONE Platform provides an integrated risk management system and a variety of checks to efficiently minimise payment defaults and fraud. Learn more about the Protect module or request a quote now.

Standardised processes for all payment methods

Each payment method has its own logic and supports various different transactions. The higher the number of payment methods offered, the larger the number of processes and distinctive features you need to consider. The PAYONE Platform is designed to take care of this complexity. Our platform offers consistent, perfectly harmonised processes across all payment methods. One of the benefits for you as a merchant is the simple integration via an interface which allows you to implement new features with little effort. Learn more about our Integration options or request a quote now.

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  • Best-known credit card in the world
  • More than 1.6 billion cards worldwide, about 400 million of which in Europe
  • 3-D Secure procedure Verified by Visa


Information on interchange fees


  • Wide acceptance in Europe, particularly in Germany
  • Over 750 million customers in 210 countries worldwide
  • 3-D Secure procedure MasterCard SecureCode


Information on interchange fees

American Express

  • Exclusive brand with above-average card turnover
  • More than 82 million cards worldwide
  • 3-D Secure procedure American Express SafeKey

JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)

  • The most important card brand in Japan
  • Widely used, particularly in Japan, USA, Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore
  • 60 million cards issued

Diners Club Card / Discover Card

  • Diners Club acceptance includes acceptance of the Discover Card
  • Diners Club: Exclusive brand with above-average card turnover
  • Discover: Very widely used in the USA
  • A total of more than 50 million card holders worldwide

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