Since February Ingenico Payment Services and BS PAYONE are officially PAYONE. We are currently setting the course for a fully integrated product portfolio. To offer all payment services from one source. Therefore, we would like to inform customers of the former Ingenico Payment Services about an important technical change: We are currently transferring your accounts to our own acquiring platform. In this FAQ we explain the impacts of the changeover on your business.

As an acquirer we are your merchant bank for credit card payments. We authorize credit card payments on your behalf and ensure smooth processing and settlement. Our acquiring platform is the technical infrastructure on which these services are based. In the course of the technical conversion we transfer the accounts of customers of the former Ingenico Payment Services to our own acquiring platform.

If you have already received our information, your account will be transferred within the upcoming weeks. Of course, the conditions of your acceptance contract remain unaffected. However, there are some adjustments from the date of the conversion about which we inform you in detail below.


  • Your new Merchant ID
  • Pay-outs/Statement distribution during the conversion
  • Statements in a new design
  • New telephone number of the approval service
  • Reservations/pre-authorisations
  • Do you accept voucher cards?

Effects on additional services

Please note that the changes below only affect customers who use the services listed.
  • Do you receive Statements to an e-mail address?
  • Do you receive transaction reports?

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